Reserve Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center invites and welcomes the 澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 community to use our facilities. We continue to receive numerous requests each semester from faculty, staff, and community partners for room reservations. The information below is provided to assist you with your Academic Success Center reservation requests.

Instructional Rooms with SMART Podium

Airport Campus: AC 152 (24 computers)

Beltline Campus: LRC 131 (40 computers)

803.822.3208 or

General Computing Area

Reserved outside of normal business hours only.

Airport Campus: AC 151 (56 computers)

Beltline Campus: LRC (48 computers downstairs and 24 computers upstairs)

Use of the Academic Success Center after Normal Business Hours

To ensure the safety of our students, faculty, guests and equipment, the main doors of the Academic Success Center must remain locked while events are held in the Instructional Rooms after the Academic Success Center has closed and Academic Success Center staff must be present.

澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Events

For more information, contact The Academic Success Center and William Jerry Wood Life Skills Center at 803.738.7871 or

Non-澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Events (Private and Community Groups)

The Academic Success Center may be used by non-澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 groups for approved events. Non-澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 groups must meet the following requirements:

  1. The event must not compete with any 澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 offerings e.g. Continuing Education Courses, etc. 
  2. The event must be approved by the Academic Success Center and William Jerry Wood Life Skills Center Director. For more information, contact the Academic Success Center at 803.738.7871 or
  3. The sponsors of the event must adhere to all Academic Success Center policies and signage. 
  4. The event will be supervised by no less than two Academic Success Center staff, more if the event exceeds 30 participants. The sponsors of the event will pay the 澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 room rental rate. 
  5. To reserve a room please call 803.822.3208 or email
  6. Academic Success Center staff will be paid at a rate of $25.00 per hour to include an additional hour for setup and breakdown. 
Technical Services

The Academic Success Center can load approved requested software and bookmarks automatically in the form of icons on each computer's desktop for your event. This eliminates the need to load software and bookmarks on each individual computer on the day of your event. Once you receive confirmation of your room reservation, you may forward your request to Shawn Carraway at 803.738.7734. Your software and icons will be deleted at the end of the day of your event. If the event spans more than one day, please notify us of this in your request. Send requests for this service at least two weeks before your event.

Wireless Access

Both the Airport and Beltline Academic Success Center locations have wireless access.
澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Events: Please contact the 澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Help Desk at 803.738.7888 for guest log-in permissions for your event.
Non-澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Events: Information about wireless access will be included with your paid reservation.