My澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Email

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My澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Email student accounts are automatically assigned and created within 24 hours after you submit and pay for your college application. For this reason, students are not required to use (and should not use) the Sign Up option on the login screen. If you cannot access your my澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Email account after 48 hours from the time you paid your application fee, you should contact the 澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Help Desk at 803-738-7888 during normal business hours, or Computer Operations at 803-738-7635 after normal business hours.

How to Activate Your Account

First time users, get information and instructions on how to activate your My澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 and My澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Email account. You must activate your account in My澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 before logging in to My澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 email.

How to Log On

To log in, use your 澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 username and password.  For example: A student with the name of John Q. Doe would have a My澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 User ID of johnqdoe and the My澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Email address would be Remember that the full email address should be used as the Windows Live ID (username) when logging in to My澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Email.

Note: For security reasons, students must select a new password the first time they log in. Your password must be 12 characters in length.

If you do not know or have forgotten your 澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 common username and password, you reset or retrieve your username in My澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 under the Account Information.

If you have any questions or need help, contact the 澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Help Desk at 803.738.7888.

IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the My澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Email options are correctly configured if the student elects to forward messages from My澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Email to an external email address. Students are also responsible to ensure My澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Email option are configured correctly to stop emails from being forwarded to any other account.

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