Retaking a Placement Test

Retaking the 澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Placement Test

Students have the option to take the 澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 Placement Test up to three times within a calendar year. Placement Test scores remain in good standing for three years. If your most recent test scores are older than three years you will not be charged a retest fee. The retest fee is $15.00. When scheduling your retest appointment a convenience fee will be applied.

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Students may retake the placement test before enrolling in and attending a Math, English or Reading course at 澳门真人赌博开户正规网址. Once you are enrolled in Math or English you are no longer eligible to retake the 澳门真人赌博开户正规网址 placement test. You must successfully pass the enrolled course before moving on to the next course. A withdrawal counts as an enrollment.

We highly suggest that you take the time to study for your placement test. Find practice guides on the Accuplacer website that can be used to prepare for your test.

If your course placement changes after retesting, please contact your advisor to adjust your class schedule.